therapeutic healing session

Unwind and distress with our most luxurious package. Enjoy a custom massage, aromatherapy, hot stones, reflexology, Reiki, chakra balancing and crystal clearing. 

$145 for 90 min / $210 for 120 min


Swedish Massage

This type of massage therapy is very good for stress reduction and relaxation. The massage therapist, often using aromatic oils, applies long warm-up strokes, in combination with kneading and mild friction strokes to help the body relax. The focus is to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues by boosting the circulatory system.

$45 for 30 min / $85 for 60 min / $125 for 90 min

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets deeper layers of muscles, fascia and connective tissues making it very effective for relieving chronic muscle tension. The therapist uses friction and deep pressure to break down adhesions, helping to alleviate pain and restore range of motion. Pressure is adjusted to your comfort level.

$45 for 30 min / $85 for 60 min / $125 for 90 min



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which also stimulates the body's own healing mechanisms. The word itself translates to "universal life force energy." This high frequency energy is directed through the Reiki practitioner to the client through a series of hand positions corresponding to the body's energy centers. The Reiki treatment helps to restore an energetic balance in the body, which in turn promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit.

$45 for 30 min / $85 for 60 min / $125 for 90 min

Chakra Readings & Balancing

Inside your physical body, resides your spiritual body containing your chakras. Chakras, meaning wheel or disc in Sanscrit, are the entry gate of your aura. Your seven main chakras start at the base of your spine (root chakra) and go to the top your head (crown chakra). These chakras are constantly fluctuating energy within your body.  Each chakra is expressed on the physical body in one of the endocrine glands that regulates the physical and emotional processes in the body. When one or more of the chakras are blocked, the energy will not flow harmoniously through them, causing an imbalance that is manifested in all areas of life.

$85 for 60 min / $125 for 90 min

Angel Card Readings

Angel Card readings: A powerful tool for those in seeking guidance in their life, by tapping into the Angelic presence to guide the recipient toward their best life. Angel cards can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while giving the recipient a peace of mind and confidence in their decisions.

$65 for 60 min