As a weekly client of Loren’s, I can honestly say that L. Marie’s Wellness is my favorite place to go in Providence. Especially, when I return from business trips. Traveling frequently puts a toll on my body physically and mentally. During a massage session, I expressed how I didn’t feel like myself, and was constantly feeling drained. Loren explained what Reiki and energy healing was, and how it’s important to connect the mind and body. I agreed to try a therapeutic healing session with her, it has changed my way of life. I always feel like a new person when I leave, and have noticed a significant change in my physical body, also my mental clarity. I am just amazed at how much positive energy she has, and how amazing I feel when I leave her space, which is very soothing, thanks to her cozy style and aromatherapy in the air.
— Adam Correia
I had heard people discuss the stress reduction and healing powers of Reiki in the past, but I wondered, could it actually work?

Meeting Loren through an energy healing workshop furthered my understanding of the benefits of Reiki without the pressure and manipulation from intensive massages. After an hour session that incorporated both Reiki and guided meditation of chakara balancing, I left feeling like a new person! The knots in my muscles started to unwind, my chronic stress headache was gone, and even my posture improved!

I have been going to Loren for over almost 2 years now, every month. I consider it an essential not only for my mental health, but my physical health as well.
— Annie Riecke
The minute I walked through the door I knew right away that this was the place for me. A few of Loren’s techniques were unusual which made the massage, for myself a massage therapist more interesting. Loren worked deliberately and thoroughly. She listened to my needs. She succeeded in relaxing me, and made me feel well taken care of. I truly felt I was the sole focus of someone else, rather the other way around. One of the many ‘Best Massages’ Ive ever had is from Loren.
— Susan Dorr
Loren is the best!!! She knows exactly what your body needs to feel better!! She is also super accommodating when you have an injury and need to get in asap! I don’t know what I would do without her!
— Sarah Gauthier